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Sad to say the bride says no (eps. 3)

At the age of thirty, Elli (Adina Vetter) seems to have everything a woman could possibly dream of: a cute apartment on the outskirts of town, a best friend named Hanna (Natalia Belitski), whom she can rely on no matter what, and above all the aspiring architect Alexander (Stephan Luca), who out of the blue asks for her hand in marriage. But the unexpected proposal isn’t something that Elli is happy about – on the contrary, she hates weddings. Already as a little girl, she swore an oath with Hanna and their nursery school friend Suse (Nadja Bobyleva) that they would never step up to the altar. But ultimately her fear of losing Alexander forever brings her to say “yes” after all. And before she knows it, Elli finds herself caught up in a spiral of hectic wedding preparations. The little “festival of love” that she had originally planned is mutating more and more into a major spectacle. Everyone wants to have a say in the plans: Alexander’s over-anxious mother Hilde (Angela Roy), her own mother Rose (Johanna Gastdorf), and even Suse. Elli feels completely overwhelmed and is struggling to manage the organization of the escalating party. And she certainly can’t count on the support of her future husband, for Alexander has his hands full - and not just with his new construction project.