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Erin und Martin’s marital bliss is overshadowed by tragedy. The death of Aunt Rebecca is weighing on their relationship, and Erin can’t understand why Martin hadn’t told her about her aunt’s serious illness. There’s trouble with the inheritance as well. Rebecca bequeathed an allegedly near-bankrupt tourist attraction, Abbey Island, to Erin, where Steven Driscoll and his wife Isabell have been pursuing their own plans. A much greater cause for concern, however, is the tragic fate of Jennifer’s sister Amy, who has leukaemia. She will not survive unless a bone marrow donor is found. Jennifer and Martin embark on a desperate quest to help her. Anne O’Mally has difficulties of her own. She has felt ignored and exploited ever since Marie came home and slipped back into the role of mothering her two sisters. When Marie falls in love with the handsome and wealthy Matthew McGallagher, this problem at least appears to be resolved.