Midwife Antonia Maibach (Marion Kracht) has come to feel very much at home at Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, especially now she has moved in with her boyfriend Dr. Thomas Hellmann (Michael Roll), senior physician at the "Clinic on the Lake". The maternity department now seems to be run entirely by women: Antonia, her best friend Helena (Julia Bremermann) and the head midwife Vroni Stangassinger (Christiane Blumhoff) take care of the pregnant women, the fathers and of course their babies. But soon a male colleague appears to support the three ladies. When Dr. Markus Leitner (Markus Böker) arrives, he and Antonia discover to their surprise that they worked together many years in the Charité Hospital in Berlin. They are delighted to see each other again - although this prompts Thomas to keep a close eye on the working relationship between Antonia and the new doctor. Although in fact Helena is the one who believes she has caught Dr Leitner's attention! Matters become even more complex when Helena turns up on Antonia and Thomas’s doorstep one evening with a startling number of suitcases: she has managed to flood her apartment and needs some temporary accommodation. So she moves in with her best friend - just for a while, of course - which also means her various boyfriends come traipsing through the apartment, to Thomas’s horror. But difficulties at home are not the only problems facing Thomas at the moment. When Antonia starts planning to modernise the maternity department, the idea brings considerable resistance from the investors behind this private hospital. They are appalled by the extensive conversion work that will be required, they have serious doubts about the alternative birthing methods, and they are outraged at the costs involved in guaranteeing family-orientated maternity support. In fact, they now decide the maternity department should be closed. Thomas Hellmann is aghast: how on earth can he explain this to Antonia? What will happen to the dedicated staff of the department? He decides to keep the news to himself at the moment, but this turns out to be a big mistake. When the facts inevitably come out, it prompts a huge argument between him and Antonia which almost means the end of their relationship.