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Set in the late 1800’s, 25 year old Joanna Williams arrives in Melbourne to look for the land that she has inherited from her deceased mother.  The land is shrouded in mystery and is said to be cursed.  No one seems to know exactly where the piece of land named “Karra Karra” is and Joanna begins her search.  By chance, she meets Eric Westbrook, a farmer, at the train station in Melbourne.  He is there to meet his six-year-old nephew Alan who has recently been orphaned.  Eric plans to take Alan back to his sugar cane farm but the boy is frightened and confused, and when Joanna offers to look after him Eric agrees. Eric and Joanna instantly feel a connection towards each other and they make a pact: Eric will help her to find "Karra Karra" and Joanna, will care for young Adam.