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Inspector Winnie Heller is alarmed by a phone call from her psychiatrist, Dr. Jacobi. It seems a man who’d been to see her in her office that day was thinking of committing a murder.

When Winnie arrives at Dr. Jacobi’s office, she finds the psychiatrist lying on the floor, severely injured with a stab wound. It’s a catastrophe for Winnie – after the departure of her partner Verhoeven, the doctor is her closest confidant.

While Dr. Jacobi is undergoing emergency surgery at the hospital, Winnie launches into the investigation. Which of the doctor’s male patients might be planning a murder? And is he the same person who tried to kill Dr. Jacobi?

Initial clues point to Axel Kofler, a cell phone salesman who can’t come to terms with his recent divorce and the limited visitation rights he has for his son, Finn. And then there’s Markowski, the widower-in-mourning with motive. He’d fallen in love with the doctor and was stalking her.

The further her investigation goes, the more doubts confront Winnie. Maybe the person they’re looking for isn’t a patient at all, but a figure from the psychiatrist’s private life. It’s up to Winnie to find him before he finishes the job he started.