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A crime story with three very special investigators: A boss, Ludwig Schaller, that everybody thinks has gone insane, the young brisk colleague Harald Neuhauser who likes to chase women as well as murderers and the young police officer Angelika Flierl, who is believed to have no talent whatsoever, however, she has yet to realize what she is capable of.

Their first meetings are worse than expected: They have nothing to say to each other and glance down at one another. This changes when Harald and Angelika go on a flying visit to Englbach, where Ms. Lancelotti, who is known as a malcontent to the local police, claims that somebody local killed her husband, even though the evidence suggests that he has left the country all together. Harald and Angelika start talking to their fellow police officers and discover some inconsistencies. Now, together they reconstruct the mysterious disappearance and the very diverse characters of Neuhauser, Flierl and Schaller become allies and show that each of them is an excellent investigator after all.