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3x50' version, episode 2: Nature

  • UHD

An African aerial adventure, witness this continent like never before. Merging satellite imagery, aerial photography, and CGI, this episode explores the unique creatures and incredible natural wonders that define this continent.

Nowhere else boasts such a dazzling array of wildlife and natural beauty. Ethiopia’s Simien mountains and their infamous troops of Geladas, the huge baobab trees in Botswana’s Kalahari desert, and the African Elephants of Amboseli national Park, living in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. But alongside these famous icons of its natural world, are some more surprising stories. From the caustic geothermal waters of the Danakil Depression, the hottest place on earth, to the abundance of the world’s largest mammal migration, where over 10,000,000 bats converge in the forests of Zambia.