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Expedition in the South Seas - Georg Forster

He is one of the greatest German explorers of all time even though his name fell into oblivion: As luck would have it, in 1772 17-year-old Georg Forster was given the chance to accompany the greatest navigator of his time, James Cook, on his world circumnavigation. On this voyage, Captain Cook discovered islands and peoples, while Georg Forster focused on animals and plants, discovering more than 400 species that had been unknown to Europeans until then.

“Terra X” follows German actor Robert Atzorn on his search for traces around the world. He gets to know a young man, whose philosophy and conception of the world still appear to be really modern. Sophisticated dramatic reconstructions bring the fateful sea journey to life. The film portrays a great natural scientist whose knowledge and legacy determined patterns for scientific research in the 21st century.