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Casanova is regarded as the greatest womanizer of all time. The manuscript of his memoirs, Story of My Life, was recently bought by the French state for €7 million. It's the most expensive manuscript in the world. But the story it tells, in over 3000 pages, is a surprising one. The famous Venetian was by no means a Don Juan, an unfeeling sexual predator: instead he was an original thinker, a sensitive friend of women, a sexual revolutionary and one of the first feminists. The film depicts the rise and fall of Giacomo Casanova, the actor’s son who became one of the most illustrious personalities of the 18th century. Why did women love him so much? How did he succeed in establishing a place for himself in the very top echelons of society? ZDF’s Terra X team sets out to solve the mystery of the "greatest seducer of all time", coming up with startling conclusions on the basis of the very latest findings of Casanova research. Using lavish re-enactments, largely filmed at the original locations, the film tells the true story of the great seducer for the very first time.