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Single mother Sabine lives by the Bavarian lake Kochelsee with her son Ilya. She is a freelance artist, but also creates casts and masks for museums in Munich. Her old friend Markus Wenger, who regularly gives Sabine work, would like to play a bigger role in her life. But for Sabine, her son is the most important man in her life.

Ilya and his girlfriend want to spend the summer holidays together. But Cora has disappeared, and Ilya travels to Italy alone. Not long after, when Sabine goes up to a cave in the mountains, she discovers Cora’s body. She suspects that Cora has been cheating on Ilya and now fears that Ilya killed his girlfriend in the heat of the moment. Sabine does everything she can to deflect any suspicion from her son. In her desperation, she turns to the village policeman Asam. Sabine has no idea that she is setting the fox to keep the geese. While the police are searching for Ilya, Sabine discovers the intelligent but brutal village policeman’s secret. Is Asam the murderer? Sabine finds herself in mortal danger.