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For Martin Gruber, it’s a blessing in disguise: after falling and severely hurting himself and being abandoned by Lukas the middle of mountains, he is soon rescued thanks to Anne’s efforts.
He hasn’t even reached the hospital yet as he shuns off his family and declines Lisbeth’s offer for him to come back and live on the farm, so he can recuperate. His situation with Anne still isn’t showing any sign of improvement.

Although he’s notably been weakened by his accident, Martin is so passionate about his job he rushes back to work.

But this mountain medic is deeply touched by one particular case. Since her mother’s death, 16-year-old Alina has been living with her father Daniel Förster, his wife Petra and their son Finn. As the depressive young lady tries to end her life by taking a large number of pills, the consequences couldn’t have been any worse: her half-brother Finn poisons himself by drinking from the glass Alina used to dissolve her pills. Both children suffer severe organ damage.

Their only chance of survival is for them to receive a liver transplant as soon as possible, given that their condition is rapidly degrading. Their father Daniel is the only eligible donor, but Martin and Kahnweiler’s bad news will devastate him: He can only save one of his children. He must now choose who he wants to save: will it be Alina or Finn?

His wife Petra begs him to pick their son. But the father of two doesn’t want Alina to die, especially now he has the chance to build up a better relationship with his daughter. When Daniel is on the brink of doing something stupid, Martin comes up with an idea. Could there still be hope for both children?