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The 4th homicide squad is looking for a double murderer. Dr. Vince Flemming is convinced that Arndt Buchwald might be the suspect due to his psychological profile. The two victims, who have been strangled with barbed wire, had a personal relationship with the suspect. The last victim was the lawyer who had represented Buchwald in court a couple of years ago. Flemming accuses Buchwald of acting out of revenge for the fact that he was sent to prison. Buchwald lost everything: his job and his wife – his whole life. Before Buchwald can get into touch with his ex-wife, he is arrested by the police that have followed him for days. Unfortunately, there is not sufficient proof for his guilt and he has to be released. Ann Gittel and her colleagues do not share Dr. Flemming’s conviction anymore that, despite the lack of evidence, Buchwald is their main suspect. Then, another attempted murder happens, but the young woman, Natalie Bauer, survives. The proceedings are similar to the other two murders. However, Buchwald has a watertight alibi, which is supported by his parole officer. Flemming and Gittel question the witness Natalie Bauer. Her description of the perpetrator proves that Buchwald could not have committed the crime. Was Natalie attacked by a copycat criminal? Will Buchwald strike again to avenge his lost life? Flemming is the only one convinced of it - but even he himself starts doubting his own judgment. With surprising actions, Hans Matthei tries to make his friend Flemming feel better, since the divorce seems to have taken away at least half of his self-confidence.