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Clara Jedrich is an A&E doctor. A motorcyclist has a fatal accident during her night shift. The next morning, Clara Jedrich is also found dead.

Inspector Schumann and his team find her body in front of a high-rise block of flats. Clara Jedrich fell from the balcony of her apartment. Midazolam, a substance also used by the ambulance service as an anaesthestic, is found in her blood.

At the crime scene, Schumann notices a girl watching him intently. There are a lot of children living in the neighbourhood, but a neighbour tells the inspector that Clara Jedrich had lived alone. Schumann reconstructs the last hours before Clara’s death.

Clara had known the young motorcyclist, but it was a complete coincidence that she was the doctor who attended the scene of the accident. She and the young man rode their bikes together and he used to film her riding hers. The videos clearly show the risks Clara took on her bike – as if fear meant nothing to her.

The motorcyclist was an organ donor. Dr. Kim Koch was on duty at the same time as Clara and arranged the transplant. When Schumann meets the parents of the young man they are in a state of shock. They had hardly had time to say goodbye to their son.

In Clara’s apartment, Schumann finds toys and photos of a red-haired boy. A year ago, Clara had worked on the paediatrics ward. The boy had been her patient. He had had a liver dysfunction and his only hope was to have an organ transplant. But the boy died during the transplant operation. Schumann uncovers discrepancies in his medical records. Did Clara gamble with the life of her patients? Did their relatives know about this? Evidence emerges that Clara had a visitor on the night she died. And it is clear that the visit ended violently.