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Fell down? Straighten up and endure! The hole in which Amelie falls after Robert’s death is big. But she crawls out again – despite her greedy relatives and hypocritical neighbours.

Amelie’s daughter Lou watches her mother sceptically . Why is he suddenly so cheerful? It must have something to do with that Pastor Benedikt. No one can comfort as well as he can. Amelie’s heart melts. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one.

In high spirits, Amelie rides her bike through tranquil village of Jansdorf. Today is her wedding anniversary. She happily invites her neighbours and friends. Daughter Lou, who studies in Berlin, is also on her way home to congratulate her. But when Amelie returns home, suddenly everything has changed. Robert is dead. Heart attack. A deep abyss opens up for Amelie.
Lou, too, is petrified, especially as she’s already carrying a “problem” along with her. She is having a baby, but her boyfriend Andy, an aspiring lawyer, doesn’t want to become a father yet. Lou was seeking advice and comfort from her parents. Instead, she has to be pragmatic and do all the paperwork, as Amelie is not capable of anything. For now.

But then Lou has every reason to be sceptical. Her mother gets back in the game, as she lets herself be very intensely comforted by Pastor Benedikt. To Lou’s horror, Amelie isn’t the only one the pastor turns his caring dedication to. Desperate, she wonders if she should intervene. But Amelie finds her own way back.

Meanwhile, Lou is still wrestling with the question of whether she should abort the child or not. Gilbert, a hitchhiker she took to Jansdorf and who is lodging in the garden shed, has a clear position. But he wants Lou to find out for herself what life is all about.