Antonia Maibach (Marion Kracht) has accepted a proposal of marriage from Dr. Thomas Hellmann (Michael Roll). Together with her best friend and fellow mid-wife Helena (Julia Bremermann), Antonia is now looking for a suitable wedding gown. Preparations for the big day are in full swing in the Hellmann/Maibach household, though everything is far more complicated and exhausting than necessary: Thomas's mother, who has turned up from Mallorca earlier than expected, insists on interfering in every single detail. While the storm clouds slowly gather over Antonia and Thomas’s home, Helena falls in love with a complete stranger over the Internet... failing to realise that happiness could be right on her doorstep. The handsome Dr. Leitner (Markus Böker) is becoming increasingly interested in the attractive and quick-witted midwife. Alongside all these confusing matters of the heart, in the maternity department life goes on as usual. Two close friends of Thomas’s, Pia (Nadja Robiné) and Martin Grandl (Thomas Scharff), are expecting their first child. Naturally the mother-to-be wants to give birth at the Clinic on the Lake. But then Pia is seriously injured in a car accident, and an emergency operation is the only chance of saving her life and that of the baby. Without the efficient support of Antonia, Martin would be unable to care for his baby son and his beloved wife at the same time. When they go to take a look at the convent church where the wedding is to be held, Antonia meets a novice called Barbara. The mother superior of the convent, Leatitia, regards Barbara as her pride and joy. The young woman was only a child when Leatitia adopted her after the death of both parents. But now Barbara is faced with a terrible dilemma: how can she explain to the mother superior that she has fallen in love with the young teacher Leo, which means she doesn't feel able to take her vows? Matters come to a head when a pregnancy test proves positive. Now Antonia is the only person who could help. In fact, Antonia constantly comes up with solutions for her beloved patients… but in her own private life she feels helpless when she receives a tempting offer of a job in Africa. She responds by becoming so secretive and uncertain that Thomas calls off the wedding completely. Will Antonia succeed in changing the mind of the man she loves?