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When Inspector Jana Winter drops her son Leo off at school, she is threatened by Ricky Rehberg who has recently been released from prison after served a long sentence. Rehberg vows to take his revenge. He accuses Jana of having the death of his wife and daughter on her conscience, and threatens to harm her son Leo. Jana is provoked into retorting that if anything happens to her son, she will kill Rehberg. When later that day, Rehberg calls Jana and claims he has taken Leo, the inspector drives over to his premises in panic. Once there, everything takes an unexpected turn. Rehberg is dead. He has been shot. And the bullet comes from Jana‘s duty weapon. Jana herself is now a suspect in a murder enquiry. Brauner and Hamm, her colleagues, have their hands tied. Internal investigaters Harald Voss and Cornelius Brettschneider take over the case. The evidence mounts. Jana suspects that Anton Gluseck, currently behind bars, is behind the plot, yet Gluseck denies this accusation and later even helps Jana to escape custody. Meanwhile, events come to a head: Investigater Voss is murdered. There is growing evidence that the murderer is someone from their own ranks. Jana Winter goes into hiding and with help from Hamm and Brauner has to solve the case in order to prove her innocence.