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In hopes of eluding her stalker, Helen Dorn has retreated to a remote house in the woods, but is soon called to a crime scene at the airport. A man named Herbert Krämer has been found murdered in a staff toilet. Falsified documents on his person suggest he may have been part of a witness protection program, leading Dorn to discover that Krämer had been tried in a kidnapping case many years before. While Dorn identifies the victim, Officer Behrens from the Federal Criminal Police Office (FCPO) shows up with more information: The dead man had been the bookkeeper for an organized crime ring. He’d been tapped as an FCPO informant to deliver information about his employer’s money-laundering activities. Dorn finds herself roped into assisting with the FCPO’s investigation, but when she learns the name of the victim’s employer – Hagen de Winter – she’s confronted with an old case and her own past failure.