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Ursula Kammler finds her brother’s body on the run-down farm on the Chiemsee (Bavarian Sea) where the siblings have lived and worked since they inherited the property. For years, the white collar crime division has been building a case against Joe Kammler’s questionable business practices, but until now, they haven't had any proof to substantiate their suspicions. Sarah Beck, the murdered man’s accountant, helps Hattinger untangle the web of her former employer’s business relations. It seems the murdered man had been involved in dubious dealings with a shady banker. The detective finds Sarah irresistibly attractive, but he’s playing with fire. He begins an affair with the mysterious woman, not realizing until it's too late that she’s simply using him. When Ursula Kammler's body is discovered a few days later, Hattinger and his team must ask themselves what they missed. Had it all just been a part of some elaborate plan?