ZDF Studios starts distribution of timely science series Naked - Generation Gender

Mainz, November 28th, 2022

ZDF Studios launches the worldwide distribution of the timely science series Naked - Generation Gender (6 x 50’), it was announced today. The topical science series explores the role gender plays in determining almost every aspect of our lives. Produced by Spiegel TV and Primitive Entertainment in association with Crave/Bell Media, ZDF-Arte and global distributor ZDF Studios, the documentary was successfully aired on Arte earlier this month.

Naked - Generation Gender received its first accolades when it was presented as an exemplary case study of a topical series launched by international coproduction partners during MIPCOM in Cannes in October.

Starting from birth through to puberty and old age, the series raises big questions of how our biological sexes affect us. What does it mean to be a woman or a man or cis, trans, gender non-binary or intersex? By seeking answers in lived realities and current research from around the world, Naked - Generation Gender delves deep into the different types of family relationships that exist, sex, love and the connection between gender and power. It examines other societies that have their own long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth or more genders. And it looks at the challenges we face today of finding a partner and starting a family.

Ralf Rückauer, Vice President Unscripted, ZDF Studios, said: “We are proud to be part of this ambitious Canadian / German co-production, which reveals the latest scientific insights into the biology and lived realities of gender. Naked - Generation Gender is a timely series that gives a truly fascinating and enlightening insight on a topic that affects us all.”

Naked - Generation Gender premiered on Arte in Europe and will be available on the Canadian VOD platform Crave.


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