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In association with a large number of partners, ZDF Studios markets the very best of ZDF programs on DVD. Our highlights include documentaries on contemporary history subjects, the enchanting Rosamunde Pilcher TV movies, the adventurous "Terra X" voyages and cult classics of TV history such as "Ich heirate eine Familie," "Timm Thaler," Silas" and the best from the "ZDF Hit Parade."

With more than 500 titles in our portfolio, we occupy a leading position in the market for TV programs on DVD and Bluray in Germany.

Brand Licensing in the Music Domain

Licenses for well-known melodies from ZDF series and programs as well as music brands (e. g. "ZDF Hit Parade," "Disco") are concluded by ZDF Studios with all music recording companies - majors and independents. For ZDF’s own program campaigns and highlights, we work in close association with leading artists and producers, making use of selected songs including theme songs.

Together with its subsidiary Enterprises Sonor Musik, and in association with the music publisher Bavaria Sonor, ZDF Studios has been offering a wide range of opportunities for cooperation in the sphere of music publishing rights. Bavaria Sonor is one of the leading German film-music publishing companies.

Multimedia, Online and Apps

Optimum utilization of programs in the new media sector is another of our tasks: titles for children in the entertainment and edutainment sector are available.

In addition to subjects for children, contemporary themes, advice programs and documentary and cultural features also have considerable potential for digital applications.

A combination of books and software accompanying the finance program, WISO has made it one of the most popular ZDF brands, active for several years now in the sector of finance software.