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Episode 4: Berlin’s Nazi Ripper

  • Neu

In the 1940’s Germany is in the midst of a War with Europe. Hitler’s dream is to turn the country into the centre of new, glorious, Aryan Empire. At the heart of the fatherland he hopes to transform the Capital, Berlin, into the most powerful city in the world, populated by an ethnically pure all German superior race.

But beneath Berlin’s pristine exterior lies a dark underbelly of violence and serious crime where many of its dwellers live in abject poverty. Now in a bid to protect the city from allied bombers, Berlin is under blackout restrictions and harsh rules apply. But for some the darkness has its advantages, providing the ideal cover for the city’s most dangerous criminals to operate under.

Suddenly a number of serious assaults and a series of murders hits Berlin threatening to tarnish the Nazis image of a perfect society. The Nazis respond by getting one of Germany’s top investigators to solve the case. But Detective Ludtke’s skills are quickly put to the test. With no hard evidence and investigating a crime in a totalitarian state where you must adhere to the racist Nazi ideology is tough. Can he stop the killer and bring him to justice before he strikes again?