In season one the Heirs fought off the Redmasks and are now heading to a new destination for the next year of vampire school. Alisa and Lars kissed and are figuring out what that kiss meant. But then Baron Magnus gets hurt in a fight with Redmask leader Calvina, who was accidentally released from prison. They head for Norway, home of the Dracas-clan, to make sure Baron Magnus receives the right treatment.

Through the Spark Alisa and the others know that Dracula wants to free his great, lost love Elisabetha. To do so he needs to untie the Knot with all the Rubies. The Knot was forged a long time ago to keep humans and vampires in a balance. If the Knot is untied by darkness, Dracula, all humans will turn into shadow vampires and the world will be filled with darkness. And if it’s untied by light, Alisa, all vampires will turn into humans. Alisa knows she has to get to the Knot before Dracula does. But that’s a tough mission for one Heir, on her own.