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Two contestants. 50 fields to win: QUIZ HUNT™ is an exciting duel with entertaining quiz questions, ingenious strategies and a cash prize of € 5,000 per round. It is a fun, excitement-filled adventure every day.

The competition starts at the beginning of a spiral course. The goal is to be the first to reach the 50th field. The contestants are asked fascinating, informative and sometimes witty questions. Each player chooses the difficulty level of their question. A correct answer allows them to advance corresponding to the question’s difficulty. This can be risky. If an answer is wrong, the opponent may choose to take over the question and advance themselves. In addition, contestants can take their opponents back a certain number of fields corresponding to a question’s difficulty during the course of the game. There can only be one winner – and this person becomes the hunted in the next round.

QUIZ HUNT™’s success began in autumn of 2019 with a permanent pre-prime time slot. Three years later, market share in this timeslot has almost quadrupled and subsequent timeslots benefit from this rapid growth.

An exciting contest that keeps viewers glued to their screens !