Project Nazi

On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of the German Reich, and sets out to build a new nation. But how do the Nazis convince ordinary Germans to support Hitler’s vision?

The series explores how Germans were seduced into supporting Nazism through the persuasive power of outstanding design, brilliant engineering, and insidious propaganda. How incredible that a small and extremist political party under the leadership of a failed artist was able to convince an entire nation to give it total power.

What was the stupendous sham behind the original Volkswagen (the ‘people’s car’)? Not to forget Germania, the never-to-be World Capital, with its assembly hall for 150,000 people, as well as the 1936 Berlin Olympics filmed by Leni Riefenstahl with a new type of camera capable of recording the events in 3D ...


1. Designed for Power
2. Hitler's Highways
3. Arming for War
4. A Culture of Control
5. Himmler's Empire of Terror
6. Retreat from Reality