Family is all about crisis management. Sabine Meister knows that from experience. That’s why she’s spent the last few months working for a foundation that lends aid to families in difficult situations. But Sabine has more than enough problems on her plate at home.

Her daughter Julia is struggling with a negative self-image and skipping school, while her son Carsten is getting on everyone’s nerves with his popstar ambitions – and complete lack of talent. To top it off, he’s being bullied by his classmates. Her husband Jakob’s time is so taken up with running his dentistry practice and fending off his flirty assistant that he can’t find the time or energy to support his wife. And Sabine’s father Paul, an old hippie with a mission of his own, knows everything better, but still manages to make everything worse.

While Sabine is looking for a way to bring her drifting family back together again, a young woman steps in front of her car. And that’s when the trouble really begins.