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When his kidnapped daughter’s life is at risk, judge Dr. Joachim Glahn (Heino Ferch) finds himself on the verge of breaking the law. Dr. Joachim Glahn, presiding judge at Berlin’s Regional Court, is known for his unconditional belief in justice and the rule of law. There are no gray areas in his world. His daughter Luise (Elisa Schlott) should also follow in his footsteps: her admission to law school was a mere formality. Glahn reluctantly ends his secret affair with coroner Prof. Michaela Biel (Victoria Sordo), because he does not want to lie to his wife Alexandra (Gesine Cukrowski). But then the judge faces an ethical-moral dilemma: in order to save the life of his kidnapped daughter, he must go against his principles and release a murderer (Wolfram Koch). Not only the defense attorney (Francis Fulton-Smith) is badgering him. Glahn realizes how fragile his professional and private situation is. He makes a tough decision.