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After 17 years of marriage, Peter Fischer (40) moves out of the family home, carrying his boxes a few metres to the shed where he’ll be living for the time being. Peter and Nina (39) are determined to remain good friends and to continue to look after their children as best they can. This is not just lip service – both parents are determined to carry this out. They are adults, after all.
But from the very start of their new life, it is obvious Peter does not take their separation as seriously as Nina, who is clearly the driving force behind Peter moving out.
He thinks she will calm down. Far from it, because their intention of managing the separation in an amicable, grown-up and non-traumatic manner, especially for the children, is time and again thwarted by the harsh reality: they simply cannot behave harmoniously and as adults.

This is a tale of the time that follows a great love, the relationship after the relationship, the first steps into a new life from the perspective of a man at 40, who is in the middle of a mid-life crisis, even though he never really grew up, and whose old life is blowing up in his face, even though he had felt so comfortable in it. And the question he keeps asking himself is how it could have happened.