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Alisa is "smuggled" into the official celebration of the company's 150th anniversary by her adoptive mother Gudrun, who works as the cook of the Castellhoff family. In the meantime, Jonas is trying to increase the sum that he has obtained for Alisa's crystal pendant by placing a bet on a race horse... At the luxurious country club, Alisa wants to meet the new CEO at the party and runs into Christian again. Noticing how close Oskar and Ellen seem to be, she assumes that they are a couple. She makes a rather biting remark to Christian about the couple, whom she instinctively dislikes. The amused Christian tells her that Ellen is his fiancée and Oskar his uncle. And when it turns out that Christian is the new CEO – the reason why she has come here in the first place – she is so embarrassed that she runs away. Tamara Castellhoff, Christian's younger sister, also runs away from the party since she feels smothered by her mother Liliana. She heads off to an idyllic lake with her school friends Lars and Caro. While she is separated from the two, Tamara nearly drowns. Alisa hears Tamara's cries of help and throws herself into the ice-cold water without hesitating a moment. Christian, meanwhile, is confronted with Oskar's plans for the company's future.