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Alisa Lenz leaves Berlin, where she has been living for a while now, to go back to her family in Schönroda. Resolved to not fall in love again in the near future, she hopes to make a new start in her profession as an optician, with the support of her family. On the way, she has a brief but palpitating encounter with a charming young man whose gaze immediately enchants her. The two introduce themselves with their first names, but Alisa is sad that she will most likely never be able to meet up again with Christian, since a sudden downpour washes away the telephone number that he has written on Alisa's windshield. Alisa's job interview at the renowned "Castellhoff Optical Works" does not go very well, since she had bravely given the icy CEO Oskar Castellhoff a piece of her mind at a chance meeting with him – before realizing who he was. In the meantime, Christian Castellhoff, the son of Ludwig Castellhoff, the owner of the company, and the nephew of Oscar, is being welcomed back by his family after a two-year stay in Canada. Christian wants to give the traditional family company a more ecologically responsible direction, but his father Ludwig is not convinced that this reorientation is necessary. He wants Christian to run the firm with Oskar in the traditional style and without change. Oskar, however, is increasingly pursuing his own agenda with Christian's fiancée Ellen Burg, the firm's lawyer. He gets ready for a confrontation with Christian. Alisa's younger brother Jonas has gotten himself into financial difficulties once again and pawns Alisa's valuable good-luck charm, a mysterious crystal pendant that is the only token of remembrance from her late father. Oskar maliciously offers Alisa a low-paying job. But Alisa wouldn't be Alisa is she accepted it without putting up any opposition.