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Casey (32), who is likable in her own slightly chaotic way, left her parents’ sheep farm many years ago to go out into the world and flee the hard life on the land – and her strict sister Megan (early 40s). Megan had taken over the farm as a young woman after the death of their parents in an accident, and now manages it together with the old foreman Joshua (now mid 70s). The sisters could hardly be more different, and much has remained unspoken between them after Casey’s departure. Now Casey is back and has the 8-year-old Tommy with her. Is the boy her son? Casey seems reluctant to tell the truth. When she runs into her ex-fiancé Jon (33) again – she had left him from one day to the next back then – the suspicion arises that Tommy could be his son. But then why would she have kept this a secret from him? Jon has since become a state prosecutor and has the means of investigating this... The result is that Tommy is not Jon’s son – and also not Casey’s: Casey simply ran off with him spontaneously in order to protect him from his violent foster parents. She has fled to her parents’ farm in an effort to avoid detection. But she’s also made herself guilty of child abduction. As a state prosecutor, Jon could be in serious danger if he hides this. In addition, Casey and Jon are also tormented by the re-awakening of their old feelings for one another. Romance also bursts into Megan’s world, too, in the form of farm helper Nick (mid 40s), who relinquished his post as a priest and found a job on Megan’s farm. Does he trust Megan enough to tell her what moved him to do so? And will he find the courage to experience with Megan his “first time” following the end of his celibacy? Ultimately, not only Casey and Nick but also Jon will have learned that what is morally right and what is legally allowed is not always the same thing. Soon there will be a patchwork family on the farm. But will it also offer a home to little Tommy?