Catching Killers

screenable online: 10 episodes

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Every day people get murdered. And every day, cops chase their killers. Catching Killers is the true crime series that rides with crime fighters – deep into their world of solving murders. In Catching Killers, these real crime fighters – homicide detectives, forensics specialists, profilers and prosecutors – describe how they uncover every clue, question every subject, chase every lead and take down the most deadly criminals.

Every episode follows two high-profile murder stories and describes the discovery of the murder victim and crime scene. The crime scene and the victim undergo forensic examination, and cause of death and time of death are determined. Investigators build their case, meeting those closest to the victim, and separating truth from fiction. The viewer experiences every step, clue, and revealing discovery.

Episode 1 - Murder by Committee

Episode 2 - Clan Connected Killers

Episode 3 - Killing for Cash

Episode 4 - Killing Couples

Episode 5 - Controlling Killers

Episode 6 - Close Up Killers

Episode 7 - Killing that Special Someone

Episode 8 - Confessing Killers

Episode 9 - Show-Off Killers

Episode 10 - Driven to Kill