ZDF Studios secures global distribution rights for new Danish crime drama Suplex

Mainz, September 11th, 2023

ZDF Studios has partnered with Nordisk Film to distribute Suplex (4 x 42’), a thrilling murder mystery produced by Drive Studios for YouSee Originals worldwide outside of Scandinavia. The four-part mini-series, which wrapped production in July was created by Denmark’s top film and TV writers, Adam August (Follow the Money S3, Darkland, Cry Wolf), Jens Dahl (Pusher, Sommer, Norskov) and Christian Bengtson (Krysantemum, My Different Ways, Lover). All 4 episodes are directed by Mads Mengel (My Different Ways).

In the idyllic small town of Vesterløv, the eagerly awaited wrestling tournament takes a sinister turn when the young talented wrestler Liam is found brutally murdered. As the town's very fabric starts to unravel, respected coach Lars (Cedergren) is thrust into a vortex of accusations and conspiracy. But lurking deeper is an even more unsettling truth. Charlotte (Park), Lars' wife, is entangled in a dangerous liaison with the police chief — the man spearheading the murder investigation. With every passing moment, Vesterløv descends further into a gripping murder mystery, where buried secrets come to light and trust becomes a luxury few can afford. Every revelation brings a new twist, and in this chilling whodunit, everyone is a suspect.

Suplex is a story about trust and mistrust, and what happens when we confront each other with the secrets we keep hidden from ourselves and one another, and the subsequent challenge of forgiving ourselves and others for having them.

The drama stars the award-winning actress Josephine Park as Charlotte. Her credits include The Venus Effect, Attachment, Doggystyle and her latest role as the lead in the Netflix series The Nurse. Lars is played by Swedish-Danish actor Jakob Cedergren, a nine times award-winner who has appeared in 40 films and TV shows including The Guilty, Submarino and A Matter of Trust amongst many others.

Yi Qiao, Director Drama, ZDF Studios said: “The exceptional talent involved in Suplex - the writers, producers and cast - bring with them an abundance of creativity and years of experience. I have no doubt that this drama will rank as a classic Nordic whodunnit to be enjoyed by audiences around the world.”

Maj-Britt Landin, Head of Scripted Drive Studios:Suplex is the ideal production for our studio. On the surface it is a crime drama, but its complex layers require subtlety, a challenge that our team thrives on and looks forward to delivering a series that will have viewers on binge mode. Adam, Jens and Christian have done a superb job in creating a script that is not only thought provoking but keeps you in suspense until the very end when the real murderer is revealed.” 

Drive Studios, is one of the most innovative production studios in Scandinavia. Drive Studios has partnered with Nordisk Film Distribution on Suplex. Nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment company involved in more than 50 feature films every year. ZDF Studios has exclusive rights as the global distributor for Suplex

YouSee, Denmark’s biggest Telco, has for last five years released original productions under the name YouSee Originals.


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