ZDF Studios, Non Stop Studios and La Sagrada Familia partner to develop drama series on the life of Formula 1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio

For the first time his sons Juan Carlos, Ruben and Oscar Fangio will reveal unknown aspects of a father who removed his heart and put in an engine

Mainz, November 8th, 2023

ZDF Studios, Non Stop Studios and La Sagrada Familia announce the development of the production of the series about the life of Juan Manuel Fangio after two years of "warming up", through research and interviews with his sons: Juan Carlos, Rubén and Oscar Fangio.

The life of the legendary Argentinean driver and the beginnings of Formula 1 will be brought to the screen through a super-production that will be filmed in Latin America and locations in Europe, recreating the times and places where Fangio became a legend.  Non Stop Studios and La Sagrada Familia will work with Spanish production company Cacao & Cía, a joint venture between iZen Group and Non Stop Studios headed by Pedro Davila, and ZDF Studios of Germany. In addition, special mention should be made of Carlos Mentasti and Alejandro Roemmers' studio R&M, whose collaboration on the project was very important.

The early years of Formula 1 tell an extraordinary story of fascination with speed, alliances and betrayals, heroic victories and tragic defeats. The ever faster cars roared louder and louder and demanded more talent and courage from the drivers: thirty drivers died in the first decade of this competition. They were not afraid to risk their lives on circuits full of danger: Silverstone, Monza, Monaco, Le Mans, Nürburgring. Italians, Germans, French and English raced, trying to forget the war that had separated them a few years earlier. He came to this new world from far away, from Argentina, to become the main animator of a mythical story. Juan Manuel Fangio crossed the 1950s at unheard-of speeds, aboard a daring character, a rabid intelligence and a passionate self-esteem. 

For the first time, a multidisciplinary team has come together to carry out this exciting story, which tells not only his successful career, but also his life. Among these, an unknown aspect of Juan Manuel that was revealed after three years of research and interviews with his children.  It will narrate the incredible life of an immigrant and his path to the top of the world.

Robert Franke, VP Drama, ZDF Studios, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in the production about this pioneering sportsman. The subject of Formula 1 is a perennial favourite with all generations around the world. So we are sure that this high-octane story is accelerating to soon fly the chequered flag and take its place on the podium of worldwide drama series.”

Patricio Rabufetti, President of Non Stop Studios, adds: "We are very excited to announce this production which, in addition to having a great creative and production team, is based on the story of a global sports icon, Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the best, if not the best, racing driver of all time".


About Non Stop Studios
Non Stop Studios is a renowned international company and one of the largest production houses in the region, participating in the production of productions such as Sandro and Santa Evita, among many others, and is a preferred supplier of Disney Company, since the launch of the Disney Channels for the LATAM region (South America, Mexico and Brazil) in 2000 until today, producing countless live programs, game shows, specials and series such as Zapping Zone, Art Attack, U-Mix Show, Soy Luna, Violetta, O11ce, Play House Disney, C. H.U.E.C.O and many more. Non Stop Studios has subsidiaries in Argentina, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Rio, Bogota, USA and Spain. It also produces, co-produces and finances through Screen Capital / Screen One international productions such as the film Memory with Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard, and is currently shooting with Julien Schnabel, Martin Scorsese, Gal Gadot, Al Pacino, Jason Momoa and other prominent actors the thriller "In the hands of Dante" in Italy, enhancing partnerships around the world, as in this opportunity, producing Fangio with ZDF Studios.

About La Sagrada Familia
A powerful team had to be assembled to make the series about the life of the world's first five-time Formula 1 champion. With this mega production of 3 seasons of 8 episodes, the production company La Sagrada Familia of Nico and Pepe Puenzo, Pucho Mentasti and Carlos Baccetti, together with NON STOP, ZDF Studios and Jose Arnal, today the most important team in the creation of audiovisual events, will carry out this epic story of adventures, passions and vertigo that changed the world.

This project, which has been two years in the laboratory of La Sagrada Familia, has the support of Fangio's heirs, Oscar and Ruben Fangio and Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who trusted the team to tell a unique story where the intimacy of the champion and his family relationships will be known for the first time. Fangio will be a unique production, on a global scale, a century told from the point of view of the best Formula 1 driver in the world, where danger and passion intersect with heartbreak and loneliness.

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