BIG MEDIA to begin production on 'Wild Science', second series for ZDF Studios

New 8-part documentary series to focus on the science behind some of earth’s most awe-inspiring wild animals

NEW YORK/PRAGUE/MAINZ - March 25, 2024 

BIG MEDIA, a leading, global production company and channel provider, and Germany' ZDF Studios are moving forward on a new documentary series entitled WILD SCIENCE (8 x 60'), which is scheduled to go into production next month.  The announcement was made by BIG Media co-founder and Global Head of Production Martin Kaše and ZDF Studios' Director Unscripted Nikolas Huelbusch.

WILD SCIENCE is the second series under the multi-series output deal BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios signed in December 2023 for German-speaking territories. This exhilarating new documentary series offers a captivating insight into the fascinating world of Earth's most fearsome predators. With cutting-edge CGI, visually dynamic footage, and an in-depth scientific zoological perspective, each episode sheds light on the intricate behaviors, survival strategies, and unique superpowers of each animal. From the depths of the ocean to the heart of the savannah, WILD SCIENCE explores the wonders of the animal kingdom, delving deep into the science behind their remarkable existence.

"For WILD SCIENCE we enlisted a team of professionals to deploy the latest advances in AI and realistic 3D rendering to transform nature's most formidable creatures into graphic models that reveal the mechanics of each animal far beyond the limits of what a camera lens can deliver," said BIG MEDIA's Martin Kaše. "An impressive production like this could not be possible without the editorial and financial support of our partners at ZDF Studios. We're excited to work with them once again."

Nikolas Huelbusch, Director Unscripted at ZDF Studios: "BIG MEDIA continues to be a fantastic partner to ZDF Studios. Our output deal with them affords us the opportunity to get involved with productions from a first-look standpoint, and be involved from development to the fruition of the production. WILD SCIENCE is exciting because it fits so well in our wheelhouse. We know the viewers across the territories we serve will love it."

Additional licensing deals for WILD SCIENCE outside of German-speaking territories are currently in the works.


About ZDF Studios 
ZDF Studios is a commercial subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest TV broadcasters in Europe. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Mainz, Germany, the ZDF Studios Group operates more than 30 direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom spanning TV production, distribution and services. The parent company, ZDF Studios, is responsible for global programme distribution, realisation of international co-productions, acquisition of licences and merchandising of successful programme brands under its own name, for ZDF and third parties. ZDF Studios has the largest German-language programme inventory in the world and a constantly growing range of international productions, consisting of series and mini-series, television films, documentaries and children's programmes.

The companies of the ZDF Studios Group cover the entire value chain from the development of scripted and unscripted TV content to production, marketing and monetizing, including TV and streaming licences as well as merchandising and online rights. The positioning of ZDF Studios as an integrated media company enables the development of innovative, outstanding and high-quality programmes and makes the Group an attractive workplace for German and international talent to flourish in a very inspiring and creative environment.

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