Music + Show

Stars take pride of place on ZDF. When Markus Lanz invited celebrities to his show "Wanna Bet?," half the nation gathered in front of the TV screen to watch the most successful show in Europe. Lanz's talk shows are also in great demand.

The "ZDF in Concert" series presents occasionally extraordinary live concerts with top-ranking artists from the world of rock and pop.

In addition, show events such as "Germany's Greatest Barbecue Show", "ZDF Fernsehgarten" and "Quiz Champion" are developed and aired on ZDF to achieve different target groups.

Major music events, e. g. "Welcome to the Carmen Nebel Show" and the composer competition "Your Song" produced by KiKa are also established program accents that enjoy great popularity and recognition among the relevant target groups.

ZDF also produced successful daytime formats in the sector "cooking": "Money Meals", "Lafer, Lichter, Luscious!" or the "Kitchen Battle" garner top ratings.