Secret Weapons of World War II

  • Neu

Secret Weapons of WWII explores the extremes of weapons innovation as nations fought for victory or struggled to avoid defeat. Incendiary bats, flying wings, rubber tanks, and guns that shoot around corners - in times of war, there is no such thing as a bad idea, but not all of these ideas worked or even made it beyond the planning stage. 

Secret Weapons of WWII also tells the story of the unknown weapons that influenced the course of the war, changed history, and impacted our daily lives. Like the small top-secret device invented to improve radar, the Magnetron, which is now found in most kitchens as a microwave. This is the story of desperate inventions that resulted in jet engines, rockets, lasers, and computers. This is the story which, behind the apparent silliness of pigeon bombs and death rays, is about the birth of the digital age – and the nuclear age.