• Neu

In the first case, Niémans and Delaunay must solve a priest’s murder. They find a link between his death and a 3rd century martyr. Camille finds a cryptic note from the killer. Then there is a second murder.

In the next case, a woman’s body is found with a hash symbol on her forehead. The trail leads to a migrant camp. A demon is haunting the camp - his calling card is a hash symbol.

In the third case, a boy turns up on a large estate. The teenager claims to be the missing son of the family. Camille suspects her son Léo is lying about being the missing child. In a twist, a DNA test reveals no match between Camille and Léo!

A woman’s body is found at a spa in the duo’s fourth case. The death seems linked to medieval witch hunts. Another client is found dead. What’s the link between the town, the spa and the myths that seem to scare everyone?