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Mit Horn ganz vorn

Ever wondered what puts the beef in a burger? The world has 1.4 billion cows, and this is their story; From powerful, cunning and social wild beasts, humans harnessed the best, building the ultimate cow.

They’re the result of a 10,500 year human/animal partnership that has made the cow one of the most influential and widespread creatures on earth. But the secret of their success lies in their wild cousins, from bison to g buffalo – wild cattle are prime beef.

Wild cattle have been heavily hunted, the aurochs, the great granddaddy of all cows was wiped out. But while its ancestors were being hunted, cows were being mass-produced and shipped around the world. Today around three and a half million tons of beef is produced every year. Without these glorious creatures we wouldn’t have milk, cheese, yoghurt, beef burgers, shoes…