Russlands Kriege

  • Neu

When Russia takes up arms, the world holds its breath. Over centuries, from the mighty Tsars to secret service man Wladimir Putin, battles have shaped today’s largest empire.

Peter the Great, founder of magnificent St. Petersburg, redraws the continent’s map with guns and cannons. The Tsars once command the biggest army in the world, until the First World War brings down the reign of the Romanovs.

The Soviet Union withstands the merciless slaughtering machine of Adolf Hitler, only to inflict cruelty and terror on satellite states and its own people. The demise of the Soviet Union 1991 incites Putin to wage a camouflaged campaign for the rebirth of Russian imperialism, by cunning and by force.

With unseen archive footage, insights from international experts and high-end animated maps, this series tells the thrilling story of a nation battling for its destination.