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Resus suffers from low self-esteem, but when he gets the chance to play in Brain Drain, the fame really goes to his head. He risks losing his friends when he needs them the most.

Resus is down in the dumps, but his beloved Brain Drain are in town. He attends an autograph signing where the lead guitarist snubs him. Luella tries to cheer Resus up and ‘accidentally’ traps the lead guitarist’s head in a drain making room for guitar mad Resus to step in as a replacement. The fame gets to his head and his ego soars. Luella, mad at Resus for ignoring her since his rise to fame, casts a spell for bad weather and accidentally causes the normally placid Scream Street zombie Brain Drain fans to turn into rabid zombies, hungry for flesh. Now Resus really needs his friends, will they be there for him?