Wildes Bayern

The two episodes observe the wildlife of the sprawling Bavarian forests and of the picturesque lakeland scenery amid the foothills of the alps throughout the year. Here lies the home of Bavaria’s most ingenious masters of survival: the shy lynx, the untamable wildcat is starring in one episode, while the other episode follows the surprising adventures of a family of kingfishers.

Encounter busy black storks, lazy white-tailed eagles, playing fish otters or the venomous common adder on the hunt. Watch bats fishing like an osprey and an air fight between big raptors, while a tiny beetle defends himself with boiling acid. And finally, the wild boars: intelligent and opportunistic. They know how to make the best out of every situation.

Filmed with cutting-edge technology, such as special high-speed and thermal cameras, the film provides unique insights.