Ancient Superstructures

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„Ancient Superstructures“ reveals the secrets behind the world’s most famous monuments. Some of the ancient marvels which are among the most studied and scrutinized monuments in the world still remain shrouded in mystery. What if the answers were right in front of us… but invisible to the human eye? This ground-breaking series takes a unique approach in delving into engineering mysteries behind the world’s most famous ancient structures, by observing them from different perspectives of scale. From satellite imagery and aerial views right down to macro and microscopic levels, each perspective reveals data that helps shed new light on historical and construction enigmas that have baffled historians for years.

Season 1:

  1. The Mount Saint-Michel
  2. Petra, the Desert Rose
  3. The Great Wall of China
  4. Machu Picchu

Season 2:

  1. The Louvre
  2. Angkor Wat
  3. Hagia Sophia
  4. Taj Mahal

Season 3:

  1. Tikal (Guatemala) 
  2. Saint Sepulcre (Israel) 
  3. Chitchen Itza (Mexique) 
  4. Notre Dame (France) 
  5. Sphinx (Egypt) 
  6. Chambord Castle (France)