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Bison: An American Icon

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Few things say ‘Wild West’ like the intimidating profile of a bison, an enduring icon of North American wilderness.  Known locally as ‘buffalo’, bison played a key role in shaping the continent and the emerging United States of America. Yet, ironically, the powerful cattle were almost hunted out of existence by pioneers and settlers in the 19th century.

The Yellowstone National Park bison herd was down to just 23 of these shaggy beasts, but careful wildlife management has seen that number grow to around 5,000 animals.

In Bison: An American Icon, we rewind through the life of a bison bull to follow his journey from the day of his birth, his endurance as a young calf, and his development into a strong bull who seeks victory in battle. In his story, we witness the indomitable spirit of a true survivor, and recognize the bison as a symbol that is inextricably linked to the American identity.