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Skydive Quiz

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Taking the tried-and-tested quiz show format to a whole new level – literally. In Skydive Quiz, the questions are easy, but the contestants must answer them while falling from the sky. And then suddenly, questions like ‘What is your mother’s second last name?’ aren’t quite so easy after all. There’s only one rule for taking on this challenge: first-time jumpers only.

The family-friendly show features six contestants per episode. In a plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet, contestants prepare for their first skydive. When they take that leap, they will have just three seconds to answer questions before their parachute deploys.

But there’s a twist. Each episode closes with a TV star entering the game. Contestants can bet part of their winnings on how many questions the VIP will answer correctly. Will they dare to risk their hard-won cash for the chance to double – or lose – their winnings?