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The sibling rivalry between Kane and Abi escalates when Kane’s P&C presidency at the school is challenged and Abi puts up her hand to succeed him. The siblings mount opposing sausage-sizzle campaigns and the fight is on. Then Kane’s priorities shift radically with the arrival of Finn, an emergency care foster child. As Kane tries to settle Finn and fails to reunite him with his grandfather Abi steps in to assist. But this just brings Kane and Abi into further conflict. Ultimately Abi needs to convince Kane that while she will always interfere like the bossy big sister she is, she admires Kane’s parenting skills way above her own and thinks he will give Finn a great home. Kane and Tom are left to ponder if they are up to the task. Justin and Nicola’s divorce papers arrive, rattling Nicola’s confidence in their relationship. In a grand romantic gesture, Justin is able to convince Nicola that she has every reason to have confidence. And things heat up at Lucy and Mr Tuck’s place.