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While Abi and Mark struggle to fall pregnant, Lewis’s world is threatened when Gemma’s friendship with her old friend and neighbour Damo intensifies. Gemma invites Damo to dinner on the same night that Phoebe introduces her new boyfriend Ryan into the family. Meanwhile Lewis learns that Justin has been keeping his carpentry course a secret. The dinner party spirals into disaster when Lewis, jealous of Damo and angry at Justin, ruins Phoebe’s relationship with Ryan. Next day at the school athletics carnival Lewis needs to redeem himself to get back into Gemma’s good books. Abi comes to terms with how difficult it is to be a control freak when conceiving babies is completely out of her hands. Phoebe is forced to face the truth that being a teenage mum makes a relationship very tough. And Justin has to acknowledge that Lewis is something of a father figure, if a slightly annoying one.