Ultimate Science

screenable online: 3 episodes

From the depths of our oceans to the far reaches of our solar system, from prehistory to the future of the human race, this series brings together some of the world’s leading scientists to explore an impressive range of fascinating scientific developments and mysteries.

We will not only go in search for the next Earth, explain developments in space tourism and the option of underwater colonies. This is also a quest for answers: Were the ancient Greek experts in naval technology? What can the analysis of a secret stash of whiskey found in the Antarctic tell us? Do parallel universes really exist? Can ‘natural disasters’ be linked to human activity and what are progressive experts doing about it? Will we soon be wearing exoskeletons? "Ultimate Science" uses cutting-edge graphics to bring these incredible subjects to life!

1. Ancient Sea Monsters
2. Alien Fireballs
3. City under the Sea
4. Star Clock BC
5. Man-Made Disasters
6. Make me Superhuman
7. Make me Superhuman
8. Space Vacation
9. Finding the next Earth
10. Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet
11. Expedition Whisky
12. Fireball of Christ