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Perhaps no other spectacle in the night sky has such an electrifying effect on mankind as the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. As if from nowhere, these fiery waves of light appear in the night sky, shining in luminous colours. The Vikings believed the lights were a sign sent from the gods when a great battle was being waged somewhere in the world. After such a battle, according to Viking mythology, the Valkyries would ride across the sky and choose a hero who would then be entitled to sit at Odin's table in Valhalla. The Northern Lights were reflections of moonlight on the glistening armour of the Valkyries.

This film tells the story of these ghosthunters, both ancient and modern. It concentrates on the moving story of the passionate scientist Kristian Birkeland, featuring dramatic scientific victories and defeats, personal triumphs and tragedies. In order to finance his research into the Northern Lights Professor Birkeland came up with a number of discoveries. For example, he constructed an electro-magnetic canon which, like the Northern Lights themselves, was based on the effect of electric and magnetic forces on charged particles. His discovery was the subject of a recent animated discussion within the American missile defence program SDI.

By employing breath-taking documentary footage, lavish re-enactments at original locations in the extreme north as well as extensive computer animations, the film shows how these magical lights arise, also demonstrating how difficult it was - not so very long ago - to understand this mysterious phenomenon.