It is the story of the most spectacular treasure hunt of all times. No archaeological find has gripped the imagination of mankind more powerfully. For six long years the British archaeologist Howard Carter searched in vain for the gold of a forgotten Pharaoh, and then - in November 1922 – success came in the form of a coup that is unique in the history of archaeology.

In the Valley of the Kings he came across the untouched tomb of the Pharaoh who had ruled as a child, King Tutankhamen. Today the gold of the Pharaoh draws millions of tourists as if by magic... but hardly any of them realise that part of the treasure was stolen just after it was discovered. In a parallel montage this documentary tells the fascinating story of the King of the Grave Robbers and the archaeological detective work pursued by an Egyptian task force.

The tale of how the pharaoh‘s tomb was excavated is reconstructed with complete historical accuracy, and the tomb itself is recreated with the greatest possible authenticity. As viewers we can experience the suspense when sealed doors are opened for the first time in thousands of years, just as if we were standing there ourselves. We can gape at the amazing wealth of riches buried along with the teenage Pharaoh, we can search through the hundreds of shimmering objects just as Carter himself did, we can pick out Tutankhamen‘s gleaming gold death mask and study the ornate mummified body of the ancient king at close quarters... But did the excavation really proceed the way we have always been told? The documentary takes a close look at Carter‘s own account of the dramatic events, now that doubts have surfaced about the truth of some of his claims. Were Carter and his wealthy patron, Lord Carnarvon, actually guilty of robbing the tomb themselves? It is said that before the official opening of the burial chamber they secretly made their way inside. There are some indications that they removed jewels and other priceless artefacts from the tomb that was to become so famous. Is there any substance to such accusations? And what happened to the treasure that has never been found?

To this day the illegal trade in the treasure of the Pharaohs is a multi-million dollar business. The Head of the Egyptian Department of Antiquity has declared war on the international Mafia of grave-robbers. Our film crew accompanies Dr. Zahi Hawass and his Task Force on the hunt for the lost treasure of Egypt. This involves a search for clues in the legendary village of grave-robbers, Kurna, which is just beside the Valley of the Kings. Experts study the archives of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, send investigators to New York and attempt to gain access to Highclere Castle in England, the ancestral home of Lord Carnarvon‘s descendants.