Hitler's Henchmen I

They were men who used and abused power: Goebbels, Göring, Himmler, Hess, Speer and Dönitz. Six different fates, six different careers. What they had in common was the fact that each of them, in his own way, helped to make Hitler's regime what it was. The psychograms of these men help answer the most haunting question of all: Why?

More than half a century after Hitler's demise the authors have successfully recovered what was until now "lost" private and official film footage of Hitler's aides. The producers have discovered revealing documents. And, for the first time, they have persuaded key eyewitnesses to tell their stories - with the cameras rolling. 

1. Hess - The Deputy
2. Himmler - The Executioner
3. Goebbels - The Firebrand
4. Goering - The Marshall
5. Speer - The Architect
6. Doenitz - The Successor